Portrait Commissions

My interest in portraiture began when I was a student at The School of Representational Art in Chicago where I studied academic drawing and painting.

Since then my style has included traditional and creative portraiture. The creative aspect is a reflection of my interest in imaginative subjects. I like a good story, so learning about my subject and adding symbols or imagery that represents who they are or what they do is my way of representing them beyond the likeness.

In the case of “Killian and the Sea Monster”, my interest was to illustrate a scene representing the subject’s ethnic backgrounds, interest in Vikings and strong personality by facing the aquatic beast.

“End of Days” is a portrait of a woman of quiet strength in times of tumult or uncertainty. In the end, I look to create a quality portrait whether reflecting a simple likeness of the subject or the world of the subject.

  1. Head and Shoulders Portrait 18” x 24”
    Oil: $2500 Charcoal: $800
  2. Bust and Hands Portrait 24” x 30”
    Oil: $3500 Charcoal: $1200
  3. Three Quarter Length Portrait 32” x 40”
    Oil: $5000 Charcoal: $1600
  4. Full Length Portrait 40” x 54”
    Oil: $7000 Charcoal: $2300
  5. Procedure and Pricing
    1. Meet and discuss project. 2. Photos are taken and thumbnail sketches are created. Once a pose and composition is agreed on, then 25% payment is made. 3. Preliminary drawing- when agreed on by client 25% payment is made. 4. Painting- at the midway point of completion 25% payment is made. 5. Portrait finished, once agreed upon by client then final 25% to be paid for delivery of final work. Prices are approximate and change based on additional detail, or multiple figures. Pricing does not include framing, shipping, or any travel costs. Client can cancel project at anytime and amounts paid prior to cancellation are nonrefundable. All preliminary sketches remain the property of the artist.