Art by Steve Ohlrich


​​​​​Welcome to my gallery. I am inspired to paint because of the things I see and the feelings they create. I paint to tell these stories and I want you to become a part of them and for a moment enjoy the painting and escape.   ​​​​​
Enjoy! ​
  1. Forget Me Not
    Forget Me Not
    Oil on linen. 26" x18". 2007. $2300
  2. Morning
    Oil on linen. 24" x 32". 2008. $2500
  3. Reliquiae
    Oil on linen. 10" x 20". $850
  4. The Deluge
    The Deluge
    Oil on Linen. 72" x 60". 2017. $12,000
My name is Steve Ohlrich.
I am an artist who comes from an artistic heritage including painters and wood workers. These are some of my earliest works. 
I draw inspiration from a wide variety of artists including the Old Masters, American and European Impressionists, and modern painters. 
Please enjoy my art and please contact me if you have questions, would like to purchase a piece, or would like to discuss a commission.